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Before the period of kadai aelu vallalkal – 200 AD Oori, The king of a small land, lived in Kollimalai. He ruled the present Rasipuram, and Sendamangalam. Where he had ruled it was a very greenish mountain. So the place was called a mountain palace. It was filled with fruits and a wealthy eco-system. He gave a lot to the general pubic. He was also a wonderful archer. He was also known for his bow-hunting skills, hunting animals like elephants, tigers, deers and pigs with a single arrow.
For his generosity he was called “VAL” and for his archery skill he was called “VIL”. So joined together he was called as “Valvil Oori”.

To salute his fame, our Government celebrates the festival of Valvil Oori every Aadi 17, 18 at Kollimalai. Which is a very important function for us archers.

Field Archery Association of Tamil Nadu has been using his statue as our logo.
We celebrate to develop his fame.